Few days before, on a weekend day, one of my colleagues phoned me to ask a career advice for her brother’s friend. The query was something like “… he has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering and now looking for a job. Can you please advice which career shall be best suit for him… and which course or certification is required for that?”

I got confused because no body can say which job is apt for a stranger. But, she really wanted my opinion as the young man is her family friend and she consider me as the right person to guide a beginner. I have no option to reject her request as she trusted me very much. With a little bit hesitation, I replied her- better I would meet him in person and tell an opinion later.

I met him at Marine Drive – the place I love to spend my evenings at Kochi. I always get an eternal feelings from inner soul while seeing the sunset from there. It relieves me from all the irritations of an exhausted, hectic working day.

We talked almost an hour and I shared my experiences and understandings about the careers in IT -by explaining the nature of some IT Jobs, like Systems Engineering, System Administration, Software development, Quality Control etc.

At the end of our meeting, I told him “Dear young man, the things I told you are my understandings about these careers. But, if I advice you to choose a particular job, that may not be perfect. So, based on the informations I have shared, decide yourself which one is suitable to you. Remember, you have two advantages- first one is you are very young and the second, you have a very good engineering degree. All others things related to the career can be building up by smart working and positive attitude. Be positive and you will have a very good future…

He was very happy when we said good night to each other- with a warm hand shake. He asked me, “Sir, shall I call you, if any doubts or clarifications…?”

I smiled and replied “You must…”


Prof. Dr. Mahajan P. Mani

On the way back to my residence at Kochi, I remembered an almost similar event happened in my life also. Years before, at the time of the completion of my MCA, my father was the Officer in charge of District Passport Cell of Kottayam. He personally knew Dr. Mahajan P. Mani(Professor, Department of Gandhian Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University). Father asked me to meet him for career guidance. First I refused, because I hated “the Celebrated Professors”, as most of them are just bothered about grades and percentages. Based on marks they analyze people. I hate such contempt from anybody. But, afraid of my father, I agreed to meet the Professor.

I fixed an appointment through phone and met him at his office in the M. G. University campus at Priyadarshini Hills. Unlike my expectation, the Professor was a pleasant faced man. He welcomed me with a broad smile. We stated with some chit-chats. He asked about my father and some casual talking etc. I could identify, it was a very busy day for him. A lot of phones, some students and lecturers made some quick visit in his cabin. I was watching all his activities, with adoration.

Just like any other academicians, he also asked about my percentages. Seeing my lower marks in theory papers and better marks in practicals, he smiled and asked, “Your father told me you are a boy with good reading habits, but it seems you got some ‘interesting‘ marks for the theory papers, Eh?”

With a bit embarrassment, I replied “Sir, my father was correct; I read books regarding everything under the sun, but text books…”

He laughed. That was a warm meeting. After half an hour, I went back home. I was very happy to get an opportunity to meet such a great person. That was my only meeting with Mahajan Sir. But, still I remember his words at the end of our meeting.

Dear young man, I am not going to advice you to choose any job. But I wish to say just one thing – You are very young, and have a post graduate degree in Computer Applications. So believe me, you can make a good career. But don’t be too hurry, first you give more importance to learning, than earning. Now-at the beginning of the career, just don’t bother about the remuneration you get. Be patient and learn how to work professionally. Other things will come automatically.

I followed his words; I had a tough time at the beginning of my career. But now, when I look back, I understand his words better. I really wanted to meet him again at least once more. I am not sure, whether he remember me or not. But, I just want to say him, “Sir your half an hour disciple is now in a reasonably good position. Thanks a lot for the Great advices.”