According to my thinking, God is not a thing we can explain with all of its properties… If we go in depth- we shall or shall not found a power – with or without shape or any other properties… It may or may not be a force controlling the whole world…

The Supreme PowerI don’t think there is a particular guy (The God) who sitting some place (say ‘Heaven’) and listening each and every person’s prayer in a 24 X 7 basis.

6+ Billion people on the earth… Huh? And millions of other specious too… Other planet’s – we don’t know whether there is life in any other planets in any other Planetary System … on any other man-found or unfound galaxies, as it’s too huge for our little brain’s imagination capacity. In such situation, if the God is a person, he won’t even get time to pee. (Sorry believers –it’s just a logical joke, I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings).

I believe, God is the creation of human being – as every person need a place – a drop box – to drop his complaint, sorrows, pains… and a place to gain some power to achieve wishes- let’s say blessing… So we (the human being) created a place for all our emotional relief… and we called it “The God”.


compassionSomebody says ‘God is Love’… Really? Is it so? Let’s explore a bit… It means God is not a physical entity or something which have a state of matters. It is a feeling. Just like love, any good/positive feelings can be called as “The God” – the compassion, co-operation, helping mentality, understanding one another, supporting … any such feelings. Just like that the negative feelings can be considered as “The Devil” in you.

There are a lot people who believe in their deeds only – not in The God. However, they won’t accept it openly. Because our society give a special place – say a first impression- to believers. So such peoples – who don’t even care about The God, Devil, heaven, hell or even the rituals – will act well as they are the greatest believers.

So, it depends on each and every person’s imagination capacity – they assume the form of God… Somebody blindly follows what the other people (dear and near) told him/her…

You may ask “If it is so, why do you go to temple or church?”

The answer is “Just like you, I am also a human being- but honestly speaking; I do not have much faith in the rituals… Still, we have to follow some method to satisfy ‘OURSELVES’. So I am doing what I have been practicing since my childhood.”

For me, if somebody supports you, at that time you really need a help – he/she is your God… And when somebody back-stabbing you, he is the devil for you…

The person who helped me once shall back-stab me at some other occasion. Or he may deceive somebody else. So, it depends on various parameters. One person can be both God and Devil. Only thing is – in a person’s life time, what he was MORE. He might have done more good deeds – if so he may be considered as more ‘GOD’ or else more ‘DEVIL’ – what if he is equally GOD and DEVIL ??? 


Somebody asked me, “Then why even highly educated doctors advise to pray?”

There are many answers

1. Their primary objective is to cure patient. As I explained before, Praying means putting down all those tension in an imaginary place with a strong belief, that there is such a place exists and some invisible power is going to help me in this hard time… Prayers can relieve tension – as it is one of the best method of meditation. The psychology of the patient is very much important in recovery. Positive Psyche gives positive response. So to achieve the primary objective-the recovery- doctors advise to pray.

2. A doctor who advise for praying can gain the trust of patients and relatives- as they get an idea – the doctor is a good and kind-hearted person- so our patient’s chance of recovery is high. This can make a positive treatment atmosphere and definitely a better result.

3. The doctor’s education is in medical science. He may be excellent in his area of expertise. Normally doctors are intelligent too. But, it is not necessary he should be a logical or rational thinker. He applies what he studied- that’s it. 
It’s applicable to anybody- scientists, professors, business men, politicians… Rational thinking is a totally different subject.


Dynamo - The Magician Impossible
Dynamo – The Magician Impossible

Let me give you some links from

In the above video you can see the magician walking over the Themes River, London.

And in the second video, the magician going upward to sky- in day time from the crowd in a major tourist spot in Brasil (Rio De Janeiro). Some peoples say he is an evil spirit… But, he is just a magician – neither God, nor Evil. Using his skills he could be a God-man. He did not do that – so let’s respect him.



I am not trying to prove the God, Devil, Heaven, Hell … things are non-sense… Of course there is a very big sensible thing in it. The intelligent use of culture, rituals, character formation, building up a peaceful community system … a lot social formation stuff are based on it. Also, religious texts gives some very remarkable output based on values – which gives guidance to the peoples for a better/confident/comfortable life. 

Human Psychology is now-days strongly attached with these kind of beliefs. So, it’s a kind of “useful” stuff for leaders to control a huge population. However, it doesn’t mean – it is the truth.

Always remember – “The Good men follow the established system, but the Great men think beyond the systems.” Use your brain before going for any communal violence, expensive rituals, or any such religion / God stuff. Identify the business behind that. And let me call all good feelings and behaviors of human being as “The God” and all bad feelings, violence and bad behaving as “The Devil”.

Now, I am not to going explaining afterlife, heaven, hell…etc. – leaving them all to your brain. Because, Guys, we have lots of grownup things to discuss. 

I respect and admit believers and followers too – I am not a revolutionist. However, I chose my path.