Director: Blessy kalimannu_Biju_Shweta
Casting: Biju Menon, Shweta Menon, Suhasini Maniratnam

Meera (Shweta Menon) is an Ex. Bar-Dancer turned film actress. She has been doing an item girl career in Bollywood films till she recently got promoted as a heroine in her last film. On the premier show of her first film as a heroine, her very lovely husband Shyam (Biju Menon) got a car accident and went brain-dead condition. Friend of Meera Mrs. Sophie (Suhasini Maniratnam) – who is a widow with a son- support and encourages Meera for artificial pregnancy from her husband, so that she would get out from the loneliness and she would get an aim to live further- surviving herself for the baby. But the Medias celebrate the news dragging it to the worst condition by openly discussing with religious leaders, social workers, politicians, and legal experts. With the help of a high-court order, Meera does the artificial pregnancy using her husband’s stem cells. After that, removes the ventilator and Shyam went dead… Later, the film goes through the growth of a child in mother’s womb. The communication with mother and the baby in her womb is the loveliest part in the film.

BlessyBlessy could avoid the bathroom scene of the Heroine. I don’t understand what kind of women empowering is happening (as the film makers claims) by the unnecessary bathroom scenes or by the item dances… Since the back ground of the heroine is as a Club Dancer turned item girl, the director shall use an item dance (if that is very much necessary), still the director could avoid the two other item dances… When claiming a film is a “Tribute to Motherhood” – can we imagine a ‘Mother’ doing item dance? We accept both item dance and motherhood with different feelings. It won’t go together – like fire and water.

The moral police shall get nothing to criticize in this film – nothing immoral has shown in it. The film is mainly discussing other things – too far away from the live delivery or boldness of an Actress. The confusing thing is that – how a girl from the back-ground such as a bar-dancer turned item girl could take a non-volatile, very bold decision at the time of her husband’s death… Anyway it’s OK- Because, there is no logical question in the story …

The media debates, live delivery etc shown in the film itself make a sense that the director was foreseen all those things. Also at the last section, Meera receiving the mother of the year award – it was the scene, Shweta Menon receives the Best Actress Award for “Salt and Pepper” with her baby Sabaina Menon. So, even the real events used in the film. So I strongly doubt, how well scripted the film at the beginning of the filming???

12-suhasini-mani-ratnamAs usual, Biju Menon acted so naturally and lovely. The talent of Suhasini is not much explored. For such a role, Blessy does not need such a talented actress like her- he could go for some other actress with a lower profile. When Suhasini come on screen, the people expect more importance to her. But she got a role nothing much to perform. Valsala Menon did her role well.


Rating: 6/10

The film felt more of a medical documentary than a movie – at least in some scenes… Also, I could not found any Blessy touch in this film as in his previous works like “Pranayam”, “Thanmathra”, “Kaazhcha” or “Bhramaram”. The film seems so stretched. It could make beautifully in 90 minutes- if the unnecessary item songs and dragging avoided. “The Shweta Menon’s Delivery” – The issue celebrated by medias was just for publicity and was so unnecessary. It is appreciable that Blessy handled the scene very decently such sensitive things in his film- we can found nothing vulgar or immoral in that scene. In fact, that scene itself was not necessary in this film… Even if it is not live, a gifted actress like Shweta Menon could act that scene well. Another thing is, Blessy beautifully filmed the danger in mobile usage – how do even expert drivers distracts by calling or SMS – ing while driving.

The relation between Mother and Baby in the womb and the intimacy between Shyam and Meera are unforgettable. The film beautifully portraits the relationship between a woman and her man. Also, the intention of the film seems very good – worth to watch with whole family.