???????????????????????????Now days, I am going through a tough time, in all aspects- Emotional, health, financial, social, communication, psychological, philosophical and even spiritual…

Tough times are not new for me, when looking back from the days I could memorize…  I believe, the past tough times give me the strength to bear the current challenges with hope and with a positive attitude. Whenever a bad time comes in to my life, I remember an old British story which I heard years before. I don’t remember the story in detail, but remember the moral and basic thread of the story – I would give a title to it as “Good or Bad – Who knows???”

There was a Count in England. The people at his place respected him very much as he was a war hero, philosopher and a good ruler. His horses were very famous in that locale. One day, one of his best black war horses ran away from the stable to the nearby forest. His soldiers could not find the horse from the dense-deep forest. The people who heard about this came to him and told – “My Lord it was so unfortunate… the gone horse was an excellent one… Bad fate”

The Count was calm. He smiled and replied “Good or Bad – Who knows?”

A few days later, the gone horse came back with a group of healthy, beautiful wild horses. Hearing this news, peoples came again and congratulate him for the fortune. The Count was calm again with no excitement and said “Good or Bad – Who knows?”wild_black_horse

After a few days, the Count’s son was training a wild horse, and he had fallen down and broken his leg by the kick of a horse. Hearing this news, natives came to see the Son of the Count and conveyed their condolences on the bad luck of his son. As usual, The Count was calm and replied “Good or Bad – Who knows?”

Next week, the King of England ordered to all Arch DukesGrand Dukes, Dukes, Counts, Barons and Knights of England to send their armies to join Great British Defense Forces for a big war. The order was, all those men who are above 18 years old and healthy should attend in the war. Since the Count’s son was not recovered from fracture, he did not need to join the war. Reading the order from the King, the Count smiled and said, “Good or Bad – Who knows???”