Many people consider me as a too technically correct man. And often I get suggestions to dilute my principles,- which I don’t do. However, I too make mistakes. And I don’t mind to agree with the truth and accept my mistake and receive penalty/ punishment.

The distance between my office and house is around 70+ Kms. And usually I cover that distance in 90 minutes – not too fast – always keeping my control, avoiding the rush towns, using shortcuts and by-passes. 

Today morning, I start from home a little bit late- because Amma was not comfortable this morning. She slept late last night and even in the morning she suffered with back pain. So I got my breakfast late. I could left home at sharp 8 O’clock, as usual. But, Amma asked me to wait for a while and she can finish making the breakfast for me. I said “it’s okay and I will wait”. Because, I know she was suffering and still making breakfast for me. It’s too valuable to skip.

(And also I know – right now, in the world, I’m the only one person who understand her fully… I love you Mom, more than anything in the world… Only because of you, now I am here. I can wait for you for any time you needed.)

I know we have a grace time up to 15 minutes at office. But, I never used that as  I’m a punctual officer. I also knew that my boss won’t say anything bad to me as he would understand it is a once-in-a-while matter. But, I don’t like to request for apologies on my avoidable mistakes. Punctuality is my habit. So, after breakfast, I was in a hurry to reach office. 

But, Today I have faced abnormal traffic block in 3 towns en route to my office. I reached “Piravom” at 9:35 am. 25 Kms to go and I got 25 minutes. I knew,  I have to face two more traffic block at “Mulanthuruthy” and “Nadakkavu”.

After leaving the Piravom town, I found not much traffic, road is okay too…

So, naturally the beast in me woke up… No more economic driving principles – just “Road Rash”. When tuned a bend, I found the straight road of at least 750 metres ahed with no vehicles in front of me and no oncoming vehicle too… So that happened -Speedo meter needle had passed 100 Kms/Hrs point much before…

Suddenly a Police personal who was standing beside the road waved his hand to me asking to stop the car. I moved my car to the bay of the road and came out (I understood it was for speeding – as the police car (Toyota Innova) parked nearby was installed with a speed monitoring radar.) And so I didnot took my RC book, Insurance paper etc. I just walked towards the Sub Inspector, who was standing near the Police Car. He smiled at me, and said “You were speeding and you have to pay the fine.”

I could say a lot excuses and plead for avoid the penalty.

I could say “I am in a hurry to my office. As we all are Government Officers… <bla … bla…>” (I have seen that many times, the Govt. employees doing the same to escape from penalty.)

I could say, I was in a hurry… or any fabricated excuses…


I could simply request him for avoiding the penalty.

But, I remembered my father – Just like the Inspector in front of me, he was also a Police officer. And he was a state award winner officer too. So, I can’t plead to anyone for forgiveness for my mistakes. I respect anybody, who are doing their job without any fault. That inspector was doing his duty and I have to cooperate with him and respect him.

I also smiled back and said, “May I know the maximum permitted speed through this road for a Private car?”

Without any hesitation he took a chart from the Police man sitting inside the Police Car and showed me “See, you are permitted to go at a maximum speed of 85 kmph in two lane highways and 90 kmph in four lane highway. But, this road is not a highway – just a main road. Here maximum allowed speed it just 70 Kmph.”

I smiled “OK, How much I have to pay as fine?”

He said “Rs. 400/-”

He asked my name, address and looked to the number plate of the car. He did not asked me for my driving license or vehicle RC or any kind of ID proof for verify my identity- to check whether I’m lying. He might felt some confidence over me too – I guess.

I handed him a Rs. 500/- note. He gave me the balance Rs. 100/- and said “Thank you…” (What a gentle man?)

And added with a smile “You were much above the speed limit – even if you were in 4 lane National Highway…”

I smiled walked towards my car. 

I appreciate that officer, even if I lost my money. Because – I agree that, I did the mistake and I have to correct myself. 

I don’t want to say my grandchildren that – “Your grand pa was a dare devil driver on roads…” But, “…your grand pa was a man of law…“😎

Congratulations to Piravom Sub Inspector (I could not notice his name…) for doing his job properly.