After reading one of my super hit blog postsWhy do you want to skip the job? – A partially fictitious blah… blah…”, some of my friends doubted – whether I have such a girl friend as explained in that post. In fact, that girl was the fictitious part in the post. Anyway I am so happy; at least I could confuse them up to certain limit. I consider that as the success of the writer in me.

So, my dear reader, please don’t count what I am posting in this blog are my experiences only. I use this blog to explain my ideas and so I accept a suitable plot to explain the main story. I shall create some events for the ease of explanation and understanding. Some of my posts are 100% truth, but others accept a plot for easily convey my ideas.

I can assure you only one thing – my writings are original – not a copy from any other person’s work or ideas. In my each and every posts, I have been trying to convey one of my ideas to the world. I use this blog to share my feelings with you and with this world… Some peoples like me, somebody don’t… But, I keep on blogging, because… hmm… May be I am addict.

In fact, my dear reader, a few of you know me personally, most of the others don’t. So, in this virtual world of netizens, my existence itself is depend up on my posts… So I would like to say, “In this Cyber world- I blog, so I am…”