Dear Reader,

Greetings and Warm Regards from Mahesh Nair, Friends call me Mahi…

This blog is neither purely technical nor purely personal … But some random thoughts come through my mind… I’m just sharing with you. If you are a Tech Savvy… Use Technical categories otherwise use “My Random Thoughts“.

The “M-Factor”, is simply the Positive attitude towards anything. What ever be the work, I just do it with an enthusiasm. Definitely, that makes a BIG change in the final output… Being patient, cool and humble, we can achieve anything we want to. I strongly trust in the ideas “*Rational Thinking “, “Parallel Thinking” and “The Law of Attraction“. I believe in “Facts” (not “Assumptions”), “visible human being“(not in the invisible super naturals) and in team works based on a proper plan, towards a well defined target (not the probable happen luck in future)…

Let me say some words about me…

The Pro…

I started my career as a Software Engineer. Since I was a Module Leader, rather than just coding I concentrated in Project Planning, Database and Solution Architectures. The turning points in my career were the years I worked with an ERP Project Development and experiences as a Sr. System Analyst of an Airline Cost Management Project. Now work in a much responsible position. I have the experience in developing Application software modules of Finance & Accounts,  Loans and FD, Planning & Budgeting, Human Resource Management & Payroll Processing, Production & Procurement, Sales and Distribution… etc.

My Academics:  

  • A Bachelors Degree in Mathematics (B. Sc. Maths.) with Specialization in Operations Research
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) with Specialization in Client/Server Architecture 
  • Masters Degree in Computer Applications (MCA) with Specialization in Internet Applications, Graphics and Microprocessors 
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree with Specialization in Production & Resource optimization (doing)

My primary areas of interest are XML, RDBMS, Project Planning & Design, Solution Architecture, Operations of the Software Development Division and Software Development Architecture. Rather than just development, I’m interested in IT Business (operations side) also. Some new interest are Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Online Business Payments. Still RDBMS is my ever sweetheart for ever.

I’m very happy to share my knowledge with others, and love the peoples who honestly share their knowledge, experiences and observations.

The Person…

I was born and brought up in a middle class Hindu Joint Family, in a beautiful village of central Kerala. Just like any other Indian village boy, I also grew up in the virtues,  provided only by the nature and the common Indian farmers in villages. I am a simple common man from an Indian Village, very much attached to my family, living in one of the large, fast growing, hi-tech cities in India. I enjoy the fast pace of urban life as well as the melodious village life alike.

If it is true: “Behind every successful man, there is a woman“, mother is the lady in my case. From her, I learned the lessons of compassion, smart working and positive attitude. From my father I learned honesty and loyalty. From my sister I learned the value of love. And my family taught me, how to survive from big troubles – if everybody stick together and work for the same goal i.e., “The Team Spirit”.

I started to write poems and short stories when I was in 3rd standard (7 years old).In high school, I found my skills in Mathematics. In college, I turned to serious reading, like psychology, philosophy and neomodern & postmodern fictions.

I found delight in Reading (inherited from my mother), playing chess (as my father plays), listening melodies (as my sister is a good singer) and watching Hollywood movies (this is my own hobby).

My favorite authors are Richard Bach, John Grisham, Sydney Sheldon, Friedrich Nietzsche and Poulo Coelho.

I believe, Being a team player makes the earth worth to live… Before being anything, basically all of we are human beings. Keep the values of Humanity. So Let’s LoveShare Care… and Keep the Relations for ever…

* Rational thinking refers to logical or reasoning being involved in the thought process. It refers to providing reasons or rational behind thoughts or ideas. It adds an element of calculation and planning to a steam of thoughts rather then basing them on emotion or personal opinion. It is a kind of objective process of thinking and an analytic approach to any problem. Rational thinking is based on reasons or facts and is hence much more calculating and realistic. All people are capable of thinking rationally, but people will tend to cloud this ability because of emotions or prejudices. If you have ever had a chance to read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character of Sherlock Holmes the concept of rational thinking will be far clearer. His logic is always based on facts rather than preconceived notions.