As I have told in one of my older posts- “The Taste of Success and Failure…“, I have a good reading habit from my child hood. It turned to serious subjects like psychology and philosophy at the time of my under graduate studies in mathematics. Then, I really had a crush to ‘death’….!!!

Don’t worry my dear reader – it was not a tendency to suicide, but a tendency to know more about the final destination of everybody – “the death“. My doubts were-“What will happen after death?”, “What is the death – in fact?”, as the religions say “Is there a place like heaven or hell?”, “What are God and  Devil?”.  May be the philosophical books I had been reading those days might divert my thinking to that way. I read books by Socrates,  PlatoAristotleOshoNityachaithanya YatiSwami Vivekananda, Adi Shankara, ‘Thathwamasi’ by Sukumar Azhikode and Referred some books related to TaoismZenSufismAtheismChristianityUpanishadsVedasRamayanaMahabharata and some other philosophical ideologies (I forget the names) … Thanks to the good collection of books in the college library and the public library in my beautiful village. While reading Adi Shankara– I strongly believed in the principles of Advaita. In the famous book “Thathwamasi”, Sukumar Azhikode also told almost the same. But, when started to read the books related to Atheism and the theory of randomness, I was totally confused…

I wrote a twenty-four line poem – imagining death as my sweetheart –  in the a second year of my graduation- first two lines of the poem is given below…

എന്റെ കാമുകി… (My Sweetheart…)

അവളെന്‍റെ കാമുകി, കാര്‍മുകില്‍ വര്‍ണയാമവളെത്ര ശാലീന സുന്ദരി… മോഹിനി…!!! (She’s my Sweetheart, the dark and seducing beauty…!!!)
അവളത്രേ സംസാര ദുഖാന്തക, പ്രിയരേ അറിയില്ലേ നിങ്ങളെന്‍ പ്രണയിനിയെ ??? (She could save from the worldly sorrows, dear friends- don’t you know my lovely darling ???)


My thinking about death redirected me to a confused state of existence of God. At last, I concluded, “Every body is correct in some points, but nobody is telling about the whole truth”. It was like the blind men explaining the elephant – the first blind man who touched the tail of elephant said ‘Elephant is like a broom’,  second one who touched the legs and told ‘Elephant is like a pillar’… and so on.

I felt the real relief when started to read Swami Vivekananda – a philosopher who had a practical approach to anything. He never asked people to avoid food and pray to God for better results. He have real hope on young people. He told “A football player will understand the meaning of Bhagavad Gita, better than a starving devotee”. His visions made me capable to think freely…

And I found, it is inane to follow some others’s principles blindly – whether it is philosophy, religious worship or political beliefs. We should listen everything and should make a conclusion as our own. It may be right or wrong in some other’s view – but of course it is my brand. (My kid may fair or dark, but of course it’s “MY KID”. For me, he/she is the most beautiful baby in the universe). Just like that, my principles are my passion, which defines my life. I have to stand for that- but, I should be ready to correct, if found a mistake from my side… The skill of thinking is differentiating between the human being and animals. But seems most of the peoples are not using that special skill of brain and walk one among all.

And at last I found my philosophy: “No Gods will come to earth to help you directly  in your issues. There are human beings – like you and me – who help us in our problems. The God is not a so called person who sit at some place too far (called Heaven) and make and solve our issues using a remote control…!!!

When you help somebody, the empathy in your mind is the blessing and you are the God of that person at that time-nobody else it is YOU. Just like that, when you do some cruel or evil thing to somebody, remember- the cruelty and negative attitude in your mind is the curse. Then you are the Devil to the victim.

The biggest fear is the fear to death. If you don’t afraid of it, nobody/nothing can defeat you. Because, as Shakespeare said- “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once (Julius Caesar, Act – I, Scene 2)”. 

Be a well behaving person with pleasant face and be confident on your deeds. Fear nobody to do a good deed… Ultimately there is nobody to question you, but your conscience.

I don’t know how acceptable my philosophies to others. But, I stick on this. Of course I respect other’s beliefs also as I am not a rebel. And since I reached this philosophy, the queries related to death were not some thing so serious to me. Because, I’ve identified – death is not a big thing- it can happen anybody at anytime and it is the only sure thing in life. So let it happen. I have no time to bother about that. The matter is not how will you die, but how are you living… So live as a good person- with principles and dignity.

Let me conclude this post with a quote from the most practical and dynamic Guru from India- Great Sri Sri Swami Vivekananda:

“Fear is death, fear is sin, fear is hell, fear is unrighteousness, fear is wrong life. All negative thoughts and ideas that are in the world have proceeded from the evil spirit of fear: